How to Have Healthy Connections With Your Partner

headerHow to have healthy connections with your partnerTo enjoy a healthy relationship in your matrimonial shadi life, couples should focus on honesty, openness, loyalty, and various other factors that bring emotional and psychological peace to a relationship. Healthy relationships should always make you feel good about yourself and your partner.

Commitment and dedication in a relationship

Relationships are hard because every individual has different opinions, way of living, and moral values.  It also varies between couples. Almost every person in a relationship experiences disagreement, confusion, non-acceptance and non-appreciation. Some couples also feel a power imbalance in their marriage. Hence, it’s important to have open communication with your partner.

Finding a right person

Every healthy marriage starts with finding the right partner. Make priorities of what you want and vet the individual you want to meet. Do not lower your standards while searching for your soulmate. The moment you find your better half, it will just click right away. However, if you are tired of searching on your own, you can also meet them through a dedicated professional matchmaker.

Self-improvement leads to healthy a connection

A lot of marriages fail because one person or maybe both couples are not working on their inner self, which leads to gaslighting and victimization. Every person should be ready to take accountability, work on their inner self and try to be a better version of themselves. This will strengthen the emotional bond between spouses. Moreover, one person can’t make another person happy if he/she is not improving emotionally, physically, mentally, and psychologically.

Good communication skills

It’s important to resolve conflicts by negotiating. Understand the point of view of your counterpart. Find the solution to every complication that life throws at and be resolute in solving problems. This way there won’t be any hidden pain because life gets more difficult for couples who suppress their emotional suffering.

Spending time

Life is busy but it doesn’t mean that we ignore our better half. Spending time and enjoying a few hours a day can create a spark in a relationship and it’s important to keep that bliss alive. Do take a few minutes to explore intimacy and passion as it opens various channels leading to a happy relationship. You can also visit the places you both love because socializing with people and interacting with nature is therapy.


No one is perfect, there will be times when we are hurt by our partners but it’s important to realize the mistake and forgive. However, it also means having open communication in order to have the opportunity to discuss what parts of him/her hurts you. Forgiveness is an important virtue and the essence of a healthy lifestyle. It is also important to give room to each other.

Happy spouse happy house

Good relationships and happy marriages are not formed over a night. It’s a slow gradual process and needs effort. Happy marriages have one thing in common and that is no matter what happens, spouses never give up on each other. Falling in love is easy but retaining that love, even in the darkness is hard. Rekindling the spark of romance from time to time and making it shine is a hallmark of long  matrimonial shadi life and a long-lasting relationship. To study more about this beautiful relationship, visit


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