Relationship advise: Big Instant Turnoffs for Men

Dating is fun when you are appreciated but in case, you don’t hear from the guys you date after few dates, maybe there is scope for introspection and see where you are going wrong. If you are unable to get an answer, know more about some big instant turnoffs for men:
#1 Your attitude:
Are you shy with no-confidence? Do you come across as needy, clingy and desperate? Maybe you need to change your attitude and portray yourself differently. Don’t act too hard to get or he might just lose interest in you. And if you do have low self-confidence, harbor jealousy, or talk about your previous relationships, you are doing everything to make men get turned off.
#2 Personal hygiene:
Do you skip a shower or slack of personal hygiene routines? If you have body smells, bad breath, dull hair and bad teeth, you have nearly turned off men with reasons related to poor personal hygiene. Men prefer women that are smart, well-groomed and fit. In case, you are over-weight, it is good to lose weight, exercise not just to get into committed relationships but for your better health.
#3 Money issues:
Another factor that turns-off men is when women expect them to pay for dates and other expenses all the time. Considering that both men and women earn, if you expect your man to pay all the time and never spend a dime, chances are high that he will start avoiding you. Strike a balance and talk about money when you are in a relationship.
#4 Talk about commitment
If you have just met a guy and only after a few dates, start taking about love, marriage and kids, that maybe the last time you meet him. Most men are commitment phobic and if you talk about of these things too soon in a relationship, it is a big turnoff, apart from sounding desperate.