Marriage and Commitment

Usually men get cold feet when it comes to commitment and marriage, while majority of the times, women look forward to a proposal. Conversely, the more women try to anchor the man, instead of moving forward, the relationships heads towards a break-up. This is because men hate the pressure and start off a relationship without much thought about the future.

If you are dating or in love, you must be pondering about how to inspire your man to commit. Actually the tact is about not letting him feel the pressure. Most men get jittery at the thought of getting married and staying married, unless they are very sure of the relationship. Regardless of whether it is a few months or years of being in a relationship, commitment phobia seriously exists. So here are a few tips,

Tips on how to inspire men to commit:

Be smart, confident and casual:
Don’t bring up the topic of commitment or marriage early on in your relationship. It is best to be non-manipulative, caring and loving. Most men classify smart and intelligent women as ‘wife-material’ so showing a man, you are confident and strong, with a belief in yourself, goes a long way in inspiring him to commit.

Never commit yourself to him, unless he makes the commitment:
Being in love is exhilarating, but being heartbroken can take a while to get over. Ensure that he knows that you are looking for a real relationship that would culminate in marriage later on, but don’t harp on it. When he knows you are serious, he can plan accordingly. Either he will propose or it will break-off before you get too involved with him.

Give him space and even if you are dying to get married, don’t drop evident hints all the time. Just be yourself and love what you are, for in the end that is what counts.