Finding someone for Relationship

Although being single has its own perks, like you can live life at your own terms, with no string attached lifestyle, it has been seen that married men and women are happier and healthier. Finding someone for relationship will make you happy and in good health. If you are single, you know despite the plus points of not adjusting to another person’s way of life, but there are times when you need a shoulder to cry on, share good times, intimacy and be the only love of special someone.

As per a survey, there are more single people looking out for perfect love than they would admit. And if it is about you and being single, think again. Do you really want to spend your whole life dating or looking for someone better or would prefer finding someone who loves you for your individuality, accepts your quirkiness and uniqueness?

Of course, the grass is always greener on the other side but there is a time to settle down with someone who is always there for you. Though many people keep flitting from being single to getting married just to break the routine, it should be more about building a committed relationship, where mutual trust, affection and love is the foundation. It is a known fact that happily married men and women with spouses as strong emotional anchors are healthier and live longer than singles.

When you have a strong life partner, life is relatively stress-free, more comfortable with better emotional and physical security. You tend to have better level of confidence, higher self esteem and emotionally strong to take on the ‘ups and downs’ in life. Think about to being single or finding the love of your life and living happily.