Romance and Marriage

Though once considered a myth, psychologists believe that men are actually more romantic than women! As per a new survey, 27% women and 48% men fell in love at first sight. Here you will read romance and marriage tips.

But, you might be wondering how true it is. Well, the fact remains that men and women think differently and so communication varies. More women relate to words and prefer men saying it all out verbally while men prefer action more than words, which are usually interpreted differently. Your man may not say ‘I love you’ but small gestures and actions such as bringing you flowers, surprise dinner or filling gas in your car still conveys that he loves you. The action might differ but the meaning stays the same. But if you are one of those who tend to read between the lines, it can result in a feeling of neglect or arguments.

To remove the misunderstandings, it is best when couples come to an understanding about their own needs and limitations. Another factor that proves that men are more romantic than women is that men are more prone to falling in love at first sight because they have strong emotional reactions to visual cues as compared to women.

Most women when they like someone or fall in love, they tend to go ahead in the relationship with caution. From being chivalrous to surprising their loved one with gifts, there are a large percentage of men who show love and appreciation with actions, more than words. If you are in a relationship with a man who talks less but does more, it still counts as love. Maybe it is time to sit and discuss, without being pushy about the misunderstandings that often crop up due to less instances of direct communication.

But don’t underestimate men; after all they have their own unique ways of expressing love.