Friendship and Chemistry in Relationships

The never-ending debate about couples chemistry in relationships versus being friends never ends but the fact remain that even if you fall in love at first sight, you need to accept and love each other to have a lifelong commitment in a relationship. There are thousands of couples that became friends and then translated the bond into a committed relationship while there are a multitude of people that hit off instantly and had a great chemistry early on, but the spark died soon after.
Long-lasting marriages and relationships are not based on instant chemistry, but takes time to foster and thrive for a strong lifelong, commitment. Everyone needs security, acceptance and being themselves, without pretense and this is possible when you are friends with your spouse or partner before being in an intimate relationship. Building your future together needs a strong foundation that can weather the storms, tide over bad days and yet remain committed, working together towards a common goal- of a happy marriage and family life.
The reason that good friends make the best couple is because they have shared their honest views about family, life and know each others negative and positive points, yet choose to be together. When they transit to the next level, you already have an innate understanding about each others likes and dislikes, while the blossoming love sparks the chemistry, adding intimacy and spice to life. The fear of rejection is non-existent and you already know all about your old friend, and now lover or spouse.
If you are looking for loyalty, security, stability and everlasting love, be a friend and then a spouse. With numerous profiles on suiting your interests, it is time to make friends and see if the chemistry sparkles!