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How to Deal With Your In-Laws

You can pick the person you marry, but you don’t have a choice of selecting the extended family, siblings and most importantly, in-laws.

How To Improve Response From Your Matches

You might have registered on the matrimonial website or a dating service

Time for a Reality Check

Time for a Reality CheckĀ  Have you been unsuccessful in long-term relationships? Have you ever wondered why it has always happened with you? Maybe

Relationship and Sense of Humor

Relationship and sense of humor go hand in hand as laughter lightens the situation and relieves stress and tensions.

Top free communication tools for online romance

Romance helpers. We all know the expense of carrying on long distance relations. shadi team has created a list of good apps to allow

How to have Healthy Relationship

The key to a healthy relationship is strong communication. The first step is to ensure that both of you are on the same page

Getting along with groom’s family after marriage

When you get married, you never marry an individual but the complete family because that is where his or her roots lie.

Things to discuss before marriage

Getting married is a serious preposition and requires careful thinking about a host of things. It is important that after your engagement that you

Good Communication

Good communication play a essential role in the initial meeting someone.Whenever we meet anyone new, the person’s appearance is the first thing we notice.