Healthy relationship

All relationships have their share of fights and memorable mushy moments. But if you are wondering about whether you are in a healthy relationship, remember that a good relationship is about feeling uplifted. It should not become a burden to be endured. Here are some tips about how to have a healthy relationship.
1- Trust each other:
Most marriages last and even if you are in a long term committed relationship, you know that all that counts is love, trust and respect. Ensure that you believe in each other, give space but are always there. Trust is the basis of the relationship so being honest and truthful is essential. In a relationship when trust breaks, it can damage the relationship forever.
2-Show respect to your partner:
Love comes with mutual respect. And when you give respect, you are respected. Talking down and being rude is a sign of an unhealthy relationship. Great relationships are about being there for each other, inspiring and supporting each other through the ups and downs in life.
3- Give each other personal space:
As a loving couple, you tend to spend a lot of time together or even share hobbies, but you understand the importance of “me” time and the personal space an individual needs to express, explore and reflect as a person.
4: Accept each other and talk about everything:
You may have many idiosyncrasies but your partner loves you the way you are and vice-versa. Acceptance of each other with the faults and without any pretense is a sure-sign of a healthy relationship. Well-adjusted couples discuss everything, so you or your partner can discuss about anything, even though truth may hurt sometimes.
5- Have an amazing chemistry:
You still fall for that smile or the look on his face can make your heart beat faster. Even though years pass, the chemistry remains and intimacy in your relationship is strong.
6- Achieve milestones with time:
There is no hurry, but a healthy relationship sustains over the years, growing strong roots. Apologizing when you make mistakes, saying ‘I love you’ in a million different ways and being there for each other are milestones that are achieved over time.