Matrimonial Profile

You may be in two minds about putting up your photograph or your daughter’s or son’s, when you are filling in the matrimonial profile on any of the Indian matrimonial site. It is understandable as you may have qualms about the misuse of your photo by scammers for other illegal purposes, but that is far from truth. No one is basically waiting to pick your photograph and start using it for other purposes. It is like two sides of a coin. However, when you are looking for a life partner, your matrimonial  profile gives a window into your personality, attitudes, likes and dislikes but adding a photograph, is relates that information to a person.

Usually matrimonial  sites have thousands of photographs of boys and girls and you may lose out if you don’t put a photograph in your own matrimonial  profile. As per the feedback and studies done, it has been seen that people tend to view more profiles with photographs as compared to the written profile without a face to relate to. Online matrimonial profiles with photographs make it inadvertently more attractive to viewers and when you are looking for a partner, a likeable face adds charm to the written matrimonial  profile.

Though not everyone looks like a super model, but you can accentuate your features with professionally clicked photographs. Other than that if you want to put a photo with your  matrimonial profile, keep in mind a few points to make sure that you look your best.

For girls looking to get matrimonial  profile photographs:

  • Don’t put on layers of make up to look stark white, dusky complexions are also beautiful. Just use light makeup that help to accentuate your features. Be realistic.
  • Wear clothes you are comfortable in, but avoid revealing, too short or overtly modern dresses. You are looking for a husband, not a modeling assignment.

For boys:

  • Looking groomed is a good idea. Avoid striking awkward poses for the matrimonial profile photographs.
  • Avoid sunglasses as your eyes reveal a lot about your personality.
  • Smart dressing is essential. Shirt and pants or tee shirts and jeans look well.

For maximum responses and more views, it is imperative to complete your matrimonial profile and add a recent photograph.