What Men and Women Desire in a Partner?

What Men and Women Desire in a Partner?
Men and women have been attracted to each other from the beginning of the creation. Looks play a big role initially but other personality traits become more desirable. In a study, the reachers found men and women seeking long term relationships find kindness, understanding and compassion more attractive. These traits and characteristics have been the victim of change because of changing preferences in different areas. But some universal factors are most common in all the civilized regions of the globe. Let’s take a look at those characteristics which men and women desire in a life partner. Shadi matrimony and weddings

Kind and caring behavior
Kind and caring behavior comprises consideration, concern, and generosity. The researcher found out after researching that if a person is not kind to animals, he is not kind to humans as well. When you are kind, you respect and care for the feelings and emotions of others around you. The most significant trait or characteristic you want in your partner is to understand your emotions and respect your feelings and care about you. An unkind person cannot even think of taking care of another person. Shadi Matchmaking

Both men and women want their partners to be honest with them in everything (it means everything literally). When you are honest with a person, it means you have compassion for the partner, and you give your partner the importance and sincerity necessary for the relationship. Without honesty, you cannot imagine a long term relationship. It is not even shown in the movies or dramas that dishonest partners have gone along to the end and lived happily ever after. One dishonest partner is enough to destroy the relation and happiness of life.

Intelligence and a good sense of humor
Research has shown that intelligent people tend to have a darker sense of humor. When a person is smart, it is easy for him or her to manipulate the next person easily. An intelligent person finds it easy to humiliate someone by making jokes. A good sense of humor is always appreciated. Because when you are displaying a good sense of humor, you laugh with the people, not at the people. When considering someone to be their partner, men and women always go for these two traits combined. You make relationships for being happy in life and get most of the joy out of life. An intelligent person would know you well and behave according to your emotions. And the good sense of humor would always make things light and comfortable.What Men and Women Desirable in a Partner

Physical attraction
Physical chemistry is the main reason you like to spend time with someone else. There could be a number of different reasons for this chemistry. You may call it the common goal, the shared beliefs. Some people also think of them as the common traits which people share. But the most significant effect that you can witness about these attractions is the magnet effect. That makes you attracted to someone. You feel drawn to the next person because of this attraction. And all the other factors like shared goals, common traits come later. If you don’t find the next person physically attractive, there is no chance for both of you to stay together for a few minutes and forget about the possibility of staying beside each other for a long time. Shadi matchmaking is a tool for educated singles to connect someone special to be their desirable partner.What Men and Women Desirable in a Partner