Marriage is Good for Your Immune System

Marriage is Good for Your Immune System
Did you know that married people live longer than singles? Yes, married people live 15-30 percent longer than singles and have better immune system. While most people are hesitant and are juggling between the changes marriages bring – those changes can be immensely positive.

Even though marriage cannot make you immortal, it can definitely help you live longer, and with the right partner, living every moment can be worthwhile.

Read below to learn how marriage can help you live a lot longer.
Increases Life Expectancy: Research shows that married couples in general, but even those participating in stable social relationships, usually live longer. The advantages of such partnerships will reduce the risk of heart disease and the occurrence of several forms of cancer or pneumonia.
Maintains a Healthy Heart:Studies find that most people who have a healthy, solid, stable marriage have a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease relative to those who are single or seem to feel alone more frequently
Keeps the Doctor Away:Feeling secure, cared about, and happily helps to promote the immune system and lower the risk of contracting a cold or other viral infection. Those who are in a good marriage tend to get rid of their diseases much more quickly than those who are single
Reduces Depression:Falling in love, marrying, and sustaining stable marriages, has been found to decrease the feelings of loneliness and distress in both men and women while at the same time growing the feeling of belonging and joy.
Lowers Blood Pressure: Happily married partners have been found to have optimal blood pressure in comparison to people that are single as per one report. And, when you’re with the person you love, the lightness that you experience in your heart may really be a reduction in your blood pressure. A 2007 research showed that happily married couples have a lower blood pressure than single people who conduct a single life. So, maintaining your marriage doesn’t only help you feel better: it’s important to your wellbeing.
Decreases Anxiety: MRI scans have found that people engaged in healthy, long-term marriages have greater stimulation and activation in the region of the brain that is responsible for reward/pleasure reaction and reduced activity in the area of the brain correlated with anxiety.
Reduces Stress Levels:Because of the comfort and encouragement that stable marriages actually bring, you are less likely to feel overwhelmed if you have a partner to assist you through tough circumstances or emotions.
You Live a Longer Married people lead happier and safer lives than others. The occurrences of asthma, coronary disease, Alzheimer’s disease, respiratory cancer, and other infectious disorders are also smaller in married couples. Much of that is attributed to the reality that often individuals participate in fewer harmful activities, such as heavy eating, smoking, or substance usage, because a significant one relies on them.
Helps Your Gut:80% of the immune system (and the large bulk of the body’s microbes) resides in the gut. A happy marriage will help enhance and sustain your life-enhancing intestinal microbiota and fend off unhealthy bacteria that can cause you to feel under the weather
You Heal Quickly:A research performed by Ohio State University used a special instrument that produced tiny blisters in the arms of the subjects to test the immune system’s reaction to specific wound locations. From there, couples were led to address topics that caused conflict and, at another point, to discuss issues that engendered positive behavior. The result was that the blister took a day longer to recover after reminiscent of periods of stress than when something nice was addressed. Moreover, while there was a strong degree of resistance to claims, wounds took two days longer to recover..
Boosts Your ImmunityAlthough you can get a cold from your spouse every now and then, married people have less regular trips to the doctor than anyone without a spouse. Feeling good and feeling accepted also offer a strong boost to the immune system. Researchers at Wilkes-Barre University, Pennsylvania, find that being married improves the immune system. The findings revealed a 30% rise in immunoglobin A (IgA) proteins in individuals who were married relative to someone who was not.

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