True love and how to find out

True love and how to find out
You have heard about true love and mooned over stories but do you really know what true love is and how to find out? Pangs of anxiety and missing a heartbeat can be infatuation but it is not true love. Although falling in love at first sight and living after happily isn’t uncommon but you do need to know more about the signs to recognize it. Here are a few tips:

You are attracted to each other:

This is natural. Though the physical chemistry can be immense yet you’ll have a deeper understanding that is more of an emotional connection. You click on different levels and it may feel that you have known each other for quite a long time.

You respect him/her:

Love cannot flourish without respect and it should be mutual. It is only when you respect each other’s feelings and thoughts that love can blossom. If you find that he/she respects you and gives you the personal space that is desired by all individuals, you’ll be all the more in love. international matrimony

You agree on the basic things in life:

From deciding about family, career and money, among other important matters, both of you need to be on the same page so that there is no reason for difference of opinions that can sabotage a relationship. Being together and working towards a common goal is what true love is all about.

You are supported and encouraged:

Your true love will never be jealous of your achievements but help you to be the best version of yourself. From helping you grow and nurture your dreams to being there with you through thick and thin, that’s true love.
Your love is your closest confidant:
You may have friends but nothing can beat that your love is your closest confidant, because true love is about honesty trust and being true.True Love and How to Find Out