Treatment for Damaged Hairs

I am just as guilty as the next woman when it comes to taking care of my hair. For years I have abused it with every tool possible, straighteners, curlers, hair dye; you name it! I also went through a phase where I ate nothing but junk for two months. All of these things combined, completely destroyed my hair.

It felt dryer, frizzier and overall very damaged. Then when I absolutely had enough and come out of my denial phase, I went on the feel unique website, looking for products that could help out my hair and I picked up the Joico K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor Treatment for Damaged Hairs, was wonderful! It smells like a banana cream pie and started restoring my hair to its former glory from the first wash!The major ingredient in this conditioner is a specially formulated Quadramine Complex. It contains keratin which is a natural protein that makes up about 90% of your hair. My hair literally became stronger and silky soft. Ever since I graduated college and started working full time, I cannot be bothered to straighten or curl my hair every morning. This has allowed me to just wear my hair down and have it be hassle free!

I must say, good hair is very easy to get used to. Nadiya Shadi Team Member

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