My Questions Had Changed

I’ve recently been in the market for a new phone, and I was looking at a few of the most popular phones. They all pretty much had brilliant advertisements about how amazing their camera was, what their graphics card was like, how many cool apps it has and how you can bang two phones together and transfer data. Now these are all very cool things, but it made me think about how differently we used to view phones in the past.

Consumers would ask questions about a phone’s battery life, its durability and what its keypad felt like. For the most part, these aren’t the first questions that arise when we talk about a new phone. Its not that these features aren’t important, it’s just that our questions have changed. And that got me thinking about the questions that we ask our potential partners, and the features that we look for in a companion. I wondered if my questions had changed.

When I was younger I liked guys that were loud, funny, very outgoing and in good shape (shocker right? I know). As I grew older, I started to care more about how kind, how polite and how hard working they were. I still cared for the previous properties but they definitely aren’t the first things on my list anymore.

I think that its very important to sit down and really think about what your questions are. Life causes us to grow and mature, what we found appealing or what worked for us before, may not be the same anymore. We need to update our questions and make sure that they are working for our current selves (and not for the version of you that is still stuck in your freshman year of college.) It will be difficult to find a person that is right for you, if you don’t even know what you are looking for.

So go on! Grab a nice cup of tea on a sunday afternoon and think about what what’s important to you and what your questions are.

Shadi Team Member

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