Traits of faithful life partner

Traits of faithful life partner
Today, fidelity or faithful life partner is one of the most treasured traits. With infidelity and divorce rate on the rise, traits of a faithful life partner need to be noticed. If you have found true love or think you have, here are some cues to see whether your partner has the right traits:

Thinks ‘we’ not ‘me’

Irrespective of being a man or a woman, you can be sure of having a faithful life partner when he/she talks and considers all decision as a couple. In a relationship or marriage, the goals need to be the same. You cannot think as an independent individual, but always for two of you as a team. It isn’t that you don’t have personal space but all decisions are mutual and personal interests do not override collective ‘we’. People that think as a couple have trust in their partner and can be trusted because they are committed to the relationship. Thus, look out for the sign and traits of a faithful life partner.Reshta

Non-defensive, positive communication

Committed couples are comfortable broaching any subject without the fear of being rebuffed. They trust each other and share their fears and vulnerable inner conflicts even when it may cause temporary stress within the relationship. But they are honest with each other. Staying positive and having a strong communication helps to strengthen the relationship.

Honor the relationship

Although the chance to cheat and get away with it is possible in most marriages, but faithful partners never do that. They are committed to truth and do not waver because they know it will hurt their partner and jeopardize the relation that they value. They hold the potential to share intimate feelings and diffuse situations that can threaten the relationship. Yet that is only because they honor the relationship.Traits of Faithful Life Partner