Top 8 Things Not To Speak About On Your First Date

Top 8 Things Not To Speak About On Your First Date

Everyone knows the do’s and don’ts’ of a first date. But sometimes, you might limit your experience of a great first date if you follow those rules too strictly. So, it’s best that you follow only certain, most appropriate tips that don’t restrict you too much. Here are the top 8 things not to speak about on your first date.

1. The Exes

Certainly, that’s the worst topic of conversation for a first date. A single word about any of your exes can result in a judgment or a bad first impression when you’re meeting a potential partner for the first time. So, it’s better to stay silent about past relationships.

2. Past Online Dates

As with the exes, any experience with past online dating should not be a conversation topic. Your date is not interested in who came before them but it will certainly show them how you might be talking about them in case the date goes wrong.

3. Aches and Pains

You should definitely not talk about any weird stuff on a first date. People have reported their date telling stories about their backaches, hemorrhoids, and other things that would make their date to the point of feeling queasy.

4. Money Matters

This is one thing that if brought up, will definitely not look good on your date. You’re both out to have a fun time, and that is what should matter the most. The fact that you’re being whiny that the restaurant is too costly will just show how petty you are, and nothing else.

5. Your Career

Career talk isn’t too bad especially if you’re both working individuals. However, on a date, you need to keep work aside, as much as possible. Casually mentioning what you do is not wrong, but droning on and on about how amazing your job is is a big no.

6. Religion

Like discussing career, basic religious values are fine to discuss, but delving too deeply can squish potential. Basic religious beliefs are okay to share but don’t overshare too soon.
It is actually been reported that dates go better without discussing beliefs too much since this could potentially be a sensitive topic, which is not talked about with extreme caution, is sure to cause some serious upset.

7. Politics

As passionate as you might be about your political views and as interesting of a conversation topic as you think they are, you should never mention them on a first date. It’s one of the quickest ways to upset the other person and ruin your date.

8. Criticism of Your Date

The last thing you want to do on a first date is pick apart the person who’s taking you out. Keep that commentary to yourself and zip it! Do you want them critiquing you?

Now that you know the top 8 things not to speak about on your first date, feel free to be creative and unique in your approach. And if you’re unable to get to the point of finding a date, sign up on login, and find someone like you.