The Role of Friendship in a Relationship

headerThe Role of Friendship in a RelationshipThe role of friendship in a romantic relationship holds great significance. Many individuals go into long-term relationships or marriage but later discover that they don’t need only a partner but also a friend. Finding your friend and soulmate in just person is a huge blessing and leads to a happy life. It doesn’t mean that you should always marry your best friend. Whatever partner you choose, spend time with them and try to create the element of friendship in your relationship. Having a close companion in marriage can solve many matrimonial problems.

The Marriage-Friendship Connection

The element of friendship in a marriage or partnership gives your relationship a flavour.

Foundation of Trust: Like any strong friendship, a successful marriage is built on trust. Trusting your partner is crucial for open communication, vulnerability, and mutual respect.

Intimacy and Emotional Bond: Emotional intimacy is only created when you share your strengths and weaknesses with your soulmate.

Effective Communication: According to the survey, couples who also have a strong element of friendship in their relationship communicate more openly. They discuss problems and conflicts to find a resolution without any hesitation.Shaadi

Support System: Friends are your support system and what is a better support system than your partner who knows you to your core

Qualities of Friendship in a Marriage

The marriage or relationship is more fun and less stressful, if couples trust each other as a friend and as a life partner. Such couples also tend to be more understanding and empathetic towards their better half. They can resolve conflicts with harmony and find the hobbies that they both enjoy.

Navigating Challenges

Staying in a long-term relationship and finding happiness with your partner isn’t as easy as it sounds. Couples need to put effort from both sides.

Time for Friendship: It’s essential to allocate time for friendship within the marriage. Date nights, shared hobbies, and quality time nurture the friendship aspect of the relationship. Many times you need your spouse to act like your partner so it’s better to have a balance between friendship and partnership.

Personal Growth: With time people grow and become more mature. Their hobbies change, their careers switch and their opinion also shift. Keep in mind that the person you marry won’t be the same person after a decade. Some people go through self discovery during relationship. It is better to keep each other updated and meet halfway in ever aspect of life.

Bottom Line

Friendship is the unseen pillar but many people are ignorant of it. It beautifies your relationship and adds a spark to your romance. The marriage journey needs alot of effort and a healthy relationship is only able to survive when there is an ingredient of friendship. Having a strong friendship with your spouse is as important as having a partnership. To read more about matrimonial life and romance in your relationship, visit