5 Pillars of a Strong Relationship

header5 Pillars of a Strong RelationshipEveryone craves the essentials of a relationship including affection, appreciation, love, trust, and emotional stability and that is only possible if people believe in the 5 Pillars of a Strong Relationship. However, not all couples are alike. We all are made differently so our opinions, ethics, and way of living vary.

A lot of people despite living in a good relationship focuses on negative energy or negative aspect of their partners. This is called negativity bias. It’s important to see a couple therapist if negativity bias is ruining your healthy connection. Instead of focusing on what your relationship is missing, think of all the positive things that you are experiencing with the love of your life. Such kinds of relationships always bring out the best in you.

Here we will discuss 5 important pillars of a relationship. Take a look at them and identify which are already present.

Trusting Each Other

Trusting each other doesn’t mean giving access to a phone or bank account but it means relying on each other, always mean well to each other, and supporting each other during tough times. Research shows that trusting and having a pro-relationship behavior such as accommodating and comprising in a relationship increases the emotional connection which directly affects your trust level.

Independent Identity in Relationship

It’s true that ‘true love is two souls living in one body’ but at the same time, these two souls should have an independent identity and independent mind. It also means that you are always yourself and ready to change the negative aspect of your personality and habits. Such partners work through their differences and accept each other. Such individuals are happy in their relationships or marriage. It also means that there is a balance of power that is shared among two individuals as they are always trying to be the best version of themselves.

Emotional Stability in Your Love-Life

When you are in a happy relationship, there is emotional stability. It means that you are happier and together you two pursue something in life that is meaning full. Once couples reach their phase, they never give up on each other despite all the adversaries they go through. It also means that you perceive each other as fundamentally good. It’s essential to support each other’s personal growth choices in order to have such mental stability.

You are best friends

Someone said in Faraway’s book ”true love is friendship dipped in honey”. With your soulmate, you are closer than you are to any other individuals in your social and family circle. In strong friendships, people never took charge or tell you how to change but support your self-growth choices. When couples live as best friends, they expand and grow as a person. Couples in happy relationships or marriages are like close best friends to each other.

5 You feel like a team

In any strong relationship or marriage, there is no ‘I’ but it’s always ‘we, us, or together.  It shows a strong sense and connection of cognitive closeness, or shared identity, in your relationship. Research suggests that couples who are interconnected like this tend to be happier, satisfied, and committed.

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