Marriage is good for you

Marriage is good for you

Marriage makes you complete otherwise you will be eating alone and coming home to an empty house. The key to marital bliss is a good life soul-mate, without it your life is unfulfilled. It’s the good life partner which makes your life complete. Life is not a bed of roses. One has to go through life’s rough and smooth patches. Having a supportive life partner makes the journey of life easy and enjoyable. Many people do not think how important it is to find the right person.

Studies conducted at Harvard University prove that people who are happily married, live longer than their single counterparts. Lower rate of diseases, less cases of heart failure. This is due to tighter networks of emotional support. In a nutshell! You live longer and get less sick.

Arranged marriages are still common but the concept has undergone many changes for both men and women. It is common trend to find your life partners by taking memberships on matrimonial sites. Parents in some cases initiate the process by registering their sons and daughters. It allows the girl and boy to choose prospective life partners, exchange emails, chat or talk by phone. In the end the parents get involved as no marriage introduction takes place without both sides of the families getting to know to each other.

Search for your life ideal match should not be a difficult task. All that is required to have the correct attitude, the right mind set with a practical approach. We all know, no one is perfect in this world. Your life partner should have some qualities to ensure that your life becomes enriched and happy.

Important qualities:

Your top priority should be good family background, right education qualification along with a steady good job counts the most. Next is honesty lying about age, marital status. Past relationships can really harm a good relationship. Good understanding, caring nature are the pillars of marriage. Patience is something you cannot overlook. Losing patience and getting angry is harmfuls.
In this modern world both partners sometimes need to work. Sharing household responsibilities, taking care of children. Both partners need to compromise with each other. Life partner should be hardworking, in the sense he should have good working habits and not sitting idle.

All of us have negative and positive qualities with different beliefs and values. This is what makes us unique and interesting at the same time. If all of us were the same we would be computers not humans. Therefore, be prepared to accept minor differences that your partner may possess. However, if you want to develop a happy relationship then both of you must learn to compromise and overlook the differences. We are normal human beings with both negative and positive traits. So it is not possible for a person to possess all the positive traits. Each one of us has different ideals, belief and faith. And this is what makes us a different and unique individual. Best advice for you would be to stop searching for a perfect life partner rather concentrate on what is logical and workable within your network.
Keep your lines of communication open and good while you are getting to know each other. Once you have narrowed down your search, ask general questions to get to know more about him or her.
Questions that can be asked from your prospective life partner:

What are you looking for in your life partner?
Tell me more about your family?
Do you live alone or with parents?
Where do you work?
What are your career goals?
How many hours do you work?
Where did you complete your education?
How do you spend your leisure time?
Is your life-style traditional, modern?
What are your preferences in eating habits?
Any medical problems?
Time frame of marriage; soon, in a year’s time?
Do you believe to help in household chores?
Are you willing to relocate?

It is important to perform background search, with the help of friends, and relatives. Makes inquires about marital status, finance, place of work, family background etc. Anything that is important to you. Last of all good luck in your life partner search!