Are you looking for all the WRONG things in a partner?


Before you read any further, answer the following question.

Q. What do you look for in a partner?

Ans. A person with a good sense of humor, a person who loves the outdoors, loves to travel, eat good food etc.

Is that the kind of answer you had in mind? If so you are completely looking for the WRONG things in a partner. You are looking for personality traits rather than character traits. The key to finding a good partner is to look for a person with a good character, not just a good personality. Although a good personality is what might attract you to the person initially, it is not what is going to determine whether the relationship is going to last.In order to determine that, you need to look for a person that has a good character. So although what one looks for in their partner’s personality may be very unique and different for each person, a good character has some basic universal qualities. The first thing to look for in your partner is their commitment to personal growth.

No one is perfect, and so they should always be on a journey of self improvement. This helps them become better people and in turn, better spouses. This is extremely important because it helps avoid many conflicts in a relationship as they are willing to work on the relationship and deal with any bumps that may come along the way. This also requires good communication skills. A person who is willing to share their feelings with their partners proves that they are ready to be in a relationship.

Because once a person reveals their true inner emotions, they give you the key to their heart. This is truly fulfilling the promise you make when you decide to be with someone. Now another important trait to look for is maturity and responsibility. A person who cannot look after themselves is in no shape to look after anyone else. They are not ready for a relationship and definitely not a family. In order to determine their level of maturity and responsibility look out for signs such as punctuality, cleanliness and respect for others. This is important because how they treat themselves is a reflection on how they will treat you.

This brings me to my last point. High self esteem and a positive outlook on life is essential in a partner. A person can only love you as much as they love themselves. If they do not care about themselves, and mistreat themselves, then they will not hesitate to do the same to you. People with high self esteem have a positive outlook on life and are always focused on their goals in life and are not afraid to take chances.

They focus on the positive elements of their life and look at the negative aspects as obstacles in their life, for which they actively search solutions for. Surround yourself with people with good and positive energy, because it will rub off on you and will help you lead a much happier life. The partner you chose will have a tremendous impact on you and your life. So chose someone who you can trust and who is focused on maintaining a happy and fulfilling life with you.