Great Ways To Make Long Distance Relationship Work


You are in a relationship with someone who lives far away. It may seem difficult to maintain the long distance relationship. However, this may turn the best thing for a while getting to know the person close to your heart. It is not impossible to be in each other’s life by simple adjustments. Here are a few tips to ensure you are an integral part of each other’s life even when you or your partner is far away.

  • Make a plan to be together: Don’t let distance be an obstacle. Phone call interactions can be boring so incorporate doing things together just like you would do it if you were together. Whether it is laundry or watching the same shows, try to replicate it despite the distance.
  • Communication is essential: Get a good messaging service like WhatsApp or Skype to be in touch on regular basis. Talk at least in the morning and night, just like you would before leaving the house as you went to work and when you came back. Wish good morning and good night as that keeps you connected as you discuss everyday happenings.
  • Know each other schedules: Infidelity, lies or breach of promises, whatever has bereft the relationship of trust, can be a reason to end it. Committed relationships are all about love, trust and respect. Without any one of these, you stand alone.
  • Be honest with each other: Chances of being attracted to others is high when you are away from your significant other but trust and honesty in a relationship is important. You may miss the companionship, physical and emotional support so make plans to meet often. Remember birthdays, anniversaries; send flowers, gifts and cards to make it up for your lack of presence.
  • Visit each other and stay positive: It does make a difference to see each other as often as you can. Schedule your holidays together or just visit each other when you can. Use Skype or video chats to stay in touch and see each other. However, personal space is needed as in any relationship, so respect that aspect too. Keep up each other’s spirits and stay positive. Be a pillar of strength and lend a comforting shoulder when you can. Lot of people on have had successful relationships before getting married.