Importance of Profile Photos

Importance of Profile Photos
Your  profile photo is the most important part of your profile. If you apply for job you need a resume. If you register on, you should post your photograph. Results have proven that you will receive 8 times more responses with photo added. Adding picture, to your profile will always work in your favor.
Reasons for adding profile photograph
  • Online searches on the website will give priority to profiles with photographs
  • Most people reach out to profiles with picture
  • It is not fair to assume people will contact you without your photograph
  • Adding photo to your profile shows you are honest and not hiding anything
  • A good profile picture is worth thousand words
  • You are comfortable in your skin no one is perfect
Reasons for not adding profile photograph
  • You are not comfortable with your appearance
  • Embarrassed to post picture on the website
  • Trying to hide reason could be other relationships

A picture says so much about you. You are trying to find a life partner be honest and up front, all this will work in your favor.