Relationship resolutions for 2015

Relationship resolutions for 2015
Relationship resolutions for 2015 something to think about. With the turn of the New Year, you might be looking to change your current single status or enhance your relationship. Thus, irrespective of whether you are dating, married or in a long-term committed relationship, here are some essential relationships resolutions for 2015 to make that will help improve your relationship.
1- Don’t take anything personally:
Let bygones be bygones, Start afresh and don’t be so sensitive about things. Love and relationship should be your focus, not the things said in anger or jest.
2- Think before you speak:
Your words may hurt. Think what you mean and what you want to say before you say it aloud.
3- Prioritize what is important:
Work and business may keep you busy all day. But take time out for your special someone. After all, make a strong relationship your priority. 
4- Don’t try to control others:
Live and let live. Everyone needs personal space and it is best that you let them be free in expressing opinions and have a say. Don’t nag and try to control them. Over possessiveness isn’t right.  
5- Being a good listener:
Strong communication is the key. Though you may have a lot to say, maybe your partner wants to speak too. Thus, be a good listener and understand his/her point of view, woes and happiness.
6- Know when to say sorry:
It is important to realize when you are in the wrong and apologize. Don’t let your ego get into the way.
7- Say what you want:
Your spouse/partner needs to know what you want otherwise how will they know? It is important to express your feelings and needs.
8- Be responsible for your own happiness:
Nobody can make you sad or happy. It is your own responsibility to pep up yourself and stay happy. Don’t blame your spouse/partner for it.
9- Being positive:
Being positive about your own self, your partner and relationship is important. It brings in optimism and positive energy.