How to know if someone is serious about you or not

How to know if someone is serious about you or not
Trying to figure out if someone is serious about you can be quite easy if you focus on all the little things that matter rather than extravagant gestures. To make the checklist easier for you, the following are all the points you should keep in mind when making up your mind about your potential match.
He genuinely want to know you

He will be sincere and honest with you about what he wants from the relationship. He does not disappear; he calls you when he says he will. He introduces you to his family and friends. He does not shy away when talking about future plans. If he delays important dates and meetings, he is not committed to a serious relationship yet. Voila! Time to move on. In matters of the heart, think with your mind before thinking from your heart.usa singles marrimony

He does not ghost

If he is really interested in you, then he will always text you back. Late replies in certain situations can be expected but not on a daily basis. While you should give your significant other some space, know this: they will always make time for you. Take Joe Goldberg from the Netflix series You, for example, who commits murders, dumps bodies, and gets rid of evidence all the while making sure to text his girlfriend. What’s your excuse?how to know if someone is serious about you or not. Rashta

He cares about your future plans as a couple

He lets you know his career plans, his dreams. He can’t stop talking about them. He shows genuine interest in your career prospects, dreams and settlement plans. He will often talk about your future together, living together and there could even be baby talk!

While much of this will happen a little later on in the meetups process, you can tell a lot from the small gestures, the parking lot conversations, affectionate smiles and hugs, and, of course, the amount of time you genuinely want to spend together. So do not fret! If he is serious about you, he will not let you feel a speck of doubt about it.shadi

Conclusion: the person is not committed to settling down yet or has issues from past relationships. Time to move, you don’t want your precious time to know if someone is serious about you or not