How to get the woman of your dreams

To get the woman of your dreams to accept you, it is essential to be open to rejection because you will be able to experience the joy of victory when she says ‘Yes’. However, you need to stop dreaming and start taking action to pursue the woman that fits the requirements of your ideal partner. Here are steps to trigger the attraction and build a relationship:Rashta
  •  Be a gentleman: Irrespective of how modern she is, being a gentleman is always appreciated. Old fashioned chivalry isn’t lost yet. From opening doors to picking the tab on a date, isn’t totally out of sync yet.
  • Show interest in her: You need to show interest in her, compliment her and take time out from your schedule to spend time with her. This is important as she will realize her importance in your life.
  • Be real and honest: Don’t boast about your achievements but stay real. She will be interested in knowing you and listening to you, when you are honest.  Talking in the air can be a big turn-off so stay honest about you, your achievements and aims from the start.
  •  Stay confident: Even if you are going on your first date, don’t be nervous. It will show in the way you walk and talk. Know that you have it in you to win her heart. It may take time but be sincere in your efforts.
  • Spend time: Make sure that you take time out to be with her. Call her often; give her gifts that she appreciates as a token of your affection. Whether it is taking a walk in a park or watching a movie together, do it often.
  •  Make follow-up plans: Just taking her out on a date isn’t enough. Make follow up plans to keep her interested and be on her mind. Mutual affection and trust will build slowly over time.How To Get The Woman of Your Dreams