Time for a Reality Check

reality check
Time for a Reality Check 
Have you been unsuccessful in long-term relationships? Have you ever wondered why it has always happened with you? Maybe it is time for a reality check. What goes wrong in the relationship that leaves you brokenhearted? Or maybe you are so busy that you have not been able to put in effort in a relationship. There are many reasons why you have not been able to find the perfect match and here are a few:
Low self-confidence: Maybe you aren’t sure about yourself and that is why are unable to remain strong in a relationship. When you feel low about yourself, you cannot give your 100% to a relationship.

Jealously: The green-eyed monster can create havoc in your relationship. If you are always insecure and jealous about the love of your life, you cannot have a healthy relationship. Being suspicious of your love’s opposite sex friends can

Ego: If you or your partner has a huge ego, it is difficult to look beyond oneself. Treating the other person as unequal can be detrimental to the relationship. If you have a huge ego, every small issue can be blown up with can lead to arguments and negativity leading to a break-up.

Honesty and Trust issues: If you tell lies or have trust issues with your partner, you cannot have a fulfilling relationship that lasts. It is important to be straightforward and honest about all aspects of your life with your partner. Lies, deceit and hiding facts about any aspect of your life aren’t right.

Time management: If you or your partner does not give time to each other or one is always busy, loneliness and distance can drive you apart. You need to check if you are always neglecting your partner or has is it the other way around?

Self-introspection and reality checks are needed if you are looking to build a meaningful and happy relationship.