On How To Be Approachable

Practicing the art of being more approachable will reap you many benefits. You will be likable, confident, and at ease. On social gatherings and meeting someone new, being approachable is a great skill to acquire. Life is easier and enjoyable when you become welcoming and accommodating. Improve your chances of success in relationships by checking out our top tips on how to be approachable.
It’s All About Body Language The way you carry yourself speaks for your confidence and personal style. If you’re interested in someone you’ll want to make that known with your body language. Avoid crossing your arms and make sure you face the person and pay attention to what he or she is saying.
Be Sure to Make Eye ContactIn any given situation for instance meeting someone new or listening to an amusing conversation. Looking into someone’s eyes with a smile is a way to connect with their soul. You appear to be focused and interested in that person. In short you become more approachable. Try your best to hold his or her gaze so you can see if there’s something more there you’d like to discover.
Try to Ignore Your Phone Whether you’re immediately physically attracted to the person you’ve been matched with or not, you don’t ever want to come off as rude or obnoxious. To avoid earning a reputation as an inconsiderate dater, we suggest you leave your phone alone while on dates. Let that person know he or she has your undivided attention – of course unless it’s an emergency. In that case, excuse yourself and make sure he or she is comfortable with you answering a phone call or responding to a text message.
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