Tips on sharing household chores in married life

household chores in married life
The fact that it is universally considered that the home and hearth duties belong to the women is changing now. With most women working full-time, the household chores are no longer her responsibility. If you are looking for tips on sharing household chores in married life, start by not asking your spouse to help. That shows that you are responsible for the errands, but seek his assistance. Let him be solely responsible for some chores as all household chores should be shared between both of you. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Prioritize chores:

You will need to discuss it with your husband about fresh meals, dusting, cleaning, dishes and moving the lawn among other jobs around the house. You will need to divide it between both of you so that each one knows his or her chores to do.

List the chores:

Somethings you might not like and there might be others that he hates. Ensure that each of you gets to do chores that you or he can tolerate. The ones that both of you detest, alternate it every week so it is not solely yours or his responsibility. If you have extra money, hire someone to do it!

Don’t be rigid on time:

Share expectations and don’t be pushy with each other. Some like to work early mornings while others prefer doing it at night. Just ensure that the chore is done as per choice of the timing.

Plan in advance:

You or your spouse might have a busy next week and based on that create list so that chores are covered. You might do less the week you are busy or take on more chores later one. However, discuss, plan and then stick to it to ensure that the household runs seamlessly.

Sharing and working ensures that both of you have ample time to spend together doing things that you like. And if you can afford it, hire someone to do a few chores so both of you can relax over the weekends.Tips on Sharing Household Chores in Married Life