Does Your Date Try to Know You

Does Your Date Try to Know You

Whether your date does or doesn’t ask you questions about yourself and your overall life means a lot. So, does your date try to know you? If someone is truly interested in getting to know the real you, they need to ask questions about you and your life and future plans. There can be many reasons that they are initially distant and might not show interest. However, despite those reasons, they make an effort to know you if they really like you. Here are some reasons for this distance and how your date might try to overcome them

The introvert

Of course, it’s possible your date might be on the quiet side because they’re an introvert. And it’s possible that they might not seem talkative or interested as a result of a lack of a loud, sociable and amicable personality. However, do not jump to this conclusion about their personality just because they are not too friendly in the first meeting. Give them time and when you yourself make them feel comfortable, they will definitely feel so. And when they do, they will continue to meet with you and slowly open up to you. If they are opening up to you, they already know you well enough to feel secure around you. Be patient and the interest will come. And so will the questions. Shaadi

The busy bee

For sure, you might find a date who is constantly working and has very little time for you. However, if they’re attending work calls even when they are out with you, that is a bad sign. If you and your date have decided on a time and place to meet, it is your date’s responsibility to keep that time free and their phone silent. But if they are unable to do that, they’re wasting your precious time and definitely not trying to get to know you. In fact, they really might be taking you for granted. login

Past experiences

Let’s not forget, some people have undergone terrible relationships and dating experiences. These events can really push them into their shell or make them extra cautious towards new experiences. So, once they’re fully reassured that you’re not playing around, they will want to get to know you more and tell you about their experiences. Once they do this, be sure that they are trying to create a bond and making you open up to them as well.

While, it can be exhausting catering to the needs of so many different types of people, it really is up to you whether you’re down to date someone who needs time and patience. So, the answer to the question ‘does your date try to know you’ really depends on your date and your own preference in a relationship. And if you don’t have a partner, sign up on and find some exactly according to your preferences.