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Looking for Companion in Midlife

Looking for Companion in Midlife

Irrespective of whether you are divorced and seeking another companion or looking for companion in midlife, it is important to set your …

How to Find Your Soulmate

How to Find Your Soulmate

Relationship experts say that there are many ways on how to find your soulmate. However, the best ways is by using the …

When you are dating

Be a good friend first

To build a relationship, you need to be a good friend first. And that starts by being a good listener.

Dating website fraud.

In Australia alone 268 times in January 2016 with over Au $ 1 million lost. Imagine what that number would be worldwide. …

Unique date ideas

6 Unique date ideas

If you though all dates include sitting at the bar and then having dinner at one of the many restaurants that you …