The Art of Making That First Call: Online Dating Etiquette



So, you’ve been chatting with someone on, and you’ve decided it’s time to take the next step – the first phone call. Navigating this crucial moment can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. The way you approach this conversation can set the tone for your future interactions. Let’s explore some tips on the proper way to call someone you’ve met on a dating site for the first time.

  1. Timing is Key

Before making that call, ensure the timing is right for both of you. Ideally, you should have had several meaningful conversations via text or messaging before suggesting a phone call. Respect their schedule and consider time zones if you live in different regions. A well-timed call is more likely to be welcomed.

  1. Ask for Consent

It’s essential to ask for consent before making the call. A simple, “Would it be okay if I gave you a call sometime?” shows that you respect their boundaries and are considerate of their feelings. It also allows them to decline politely if they’re not ready yet.

  1. Be Prepared

Before dialing their number, make sure you’re in a quiet and comfortable environment. Prepare some topics or questions to keep the conversation flowing smoothly. However, don’t over-plan the call; it should feel natural and spontaneous.

  1. Stay Positive and Friendly

During the call, maintain a positive and friendly tone. Smile while talking; it can be heard in your voice. Be open and engaged in the conversation, showing genuine interest in getting to know them better. Avoid discussing heavy or controversial topics right away.

  1. Listen Actively

Listening is just as important as talking. Show your date that you value their thoughts and opinions by actively listening to what they say. Ask follow-up questions to demonstrate your interest and make them feel heard.

  1. Respect Boundaries

Respect each other’s boundaries during the call. If your date seems uncomfortable or wants to end the conversation, gracefully accept their decision. It’s crucial not to push or pressure them into staying on the call longer than they’re comfortable with.

  1. Keep it Reasonable in Length

A first call doesn’t need to last for hours. In fact, it’s often better to keep it relatively short and sweet. Ending the conversation on a high note can leave both of you looking forward to the next call or meeting.The Art of Making That First Call: Online Dating Etiquette.

  1. Plan the Next Step

As the call concludes, discuss your next steps. If you enjoyed the conversation, express your interest in continuing to get to know them. You can suggest a date for your next call or even propose a future in-person meeting if things are going exceptionally well.

  1. Follow Up

After the call, consider sending a brief follow-up message to express your gratitude for the conversation and reiterate your interest in getting to know them better. This shows your sincerity and keeps the connection alive.


Making that first call to someone you met on a dating site can be an exciting step in the journey toward building a meaningful connection. By following these etiquette tips, you can increase your chances of making a positive impression and setting the stage for a successful future with your potential partner. Remember, respect, kindness, and genuine interest go a long way in making that first call a memorable and enjoyable experience.The Art of Making That First Call: Online Dating Etiquette.