Attracting a guy without showing it

Attracting a guy without showing it
Attracting a guy without showing it seems daunting at first.Most men are awful at picking up signs of a woman’s attraction but feel that the indications that she is sending out about her interest, lies in his friends. And the real reason fir it is self-doubt. They are unable to comprehend signals from the interested woman and find reasons to think otherwise.
Many women like to send out subtle signals to attract men, while others attract guys by being dismissive with them with the thought that ignoring the man might get him interested in them. Well, turning into ice queens and ignoring them completely might really not work as they get the signal that you are just not interested in them.
Send out mixed signals
Well, if you are looking to attract a guy without showing it, send out mixed signals as it gets him confused and curious. Most guys when they know that you are interested in them become disinterested as the charm of the challenge is lost.  Challenge to pursue a woman brings on thrill and excitement which leads to curiosity and attraction.
Be a general flirt
If you are interested in a guy, flirt with everyone around. Apart from being the center of attraction and winning over other guys as they talk about your attractiveness and wit, more of a challenge you become, increasing the curiosity of most of the guys around. And he’ll be interested too and will think about how to win your over and being with you.
Thus, mission completed. You can send out subconscious and intended signals that increases his curiosity in you instead of falling all over him and getting him disinterested.