8 Ways to Get Best Results with Your Date

8 Ways to Get Best Results with Your Date
Are you looking to know the secret of 8 Ways to get best results with your date? When you go on a date, you are full of hope and expect a lot of things. However, it is not always true that the first date culminates into a second date and a relationship forms. However, if you are looking to form a new relationship and get the best results on a date, you need to ensure that these aspects are considered:
1.Help the other person feel good about him/herself
When you make the other person feel good, it kind of radiates to you as well. Additionally, your date would feel more comfortable and open up about him/her likes and dislikes when they feel good.
2.Pay attention
Don’t ignore or be engrossed in your smartphone. One of the most important etiquette of dating is to pay attention. Listen carefully and be considerate.Shaadi
3.Be positive
You need to stay positive and believe in the best. Don’t start on a negative footing. Stay cheerful and witty.
Show genuine interest and compliment generously. It shows that you appreciate the other person and that can go a long way to build positivity.
5.Find common ground
Whether it is music, dance, art, travel or reading, there has got to be something that both of you like. This creates a homogeneous meeting ground and breaks ice easily.
6.Being generous
Don’t be stingy. Give her flowers when you meet for the first time. Even if you don’t going to the most expensive restaurant, ensure that you have a reservation at a decent sit-in place. Don’t grab a burger in a take-away.
7.Don’t play games
 It is good to be honest and behave as you would expect the other person to behave with you. Don’t play games. Be clear about your current relationship status.
8.Find their passion
Help them find their passion with them. You never know where interests lie and they might be happy to discover it with you.shaadi.com login