7 things men should do on a first date


To create a lasting love for a wonderful and happy life it’s all about being kind and thoughtful. Everyone looks forward to a long lasting stable relationship but it is a considerable challenge when it is about creating an emotionally compatible and romantic relationship. As a man, if you have been pondering about how to create lasting love, here are 7 tips you should know before a first date:

1. Arrive early:

 Try to be at least 5 minutes early for your date. This will allow you enough time to settle down and get yourself together. First dates can be a little nerve-wracking, if you are early, at least you don’t have to stress about rushing. Also making a girl wait alone for you at a restaurant is really not a great way to start the date.

2. Use your manners and be kind:

 Smile when you first see her, take off her jacket and pull out her chair. Be kind and courteous to the people around you. Don’t shout at the waiter or make a scene if your food didn’t come exactly the way you wanted. Women observe how you behave and interact with others, to gage how you would possibly treat them in the future.

3. Shower: 

There is no bigger turn off than a smelly dude (Nuff” said).

4. Pay attention to her: 

Resist the urge to check your phone or look at something else while she is talking to you (Do NOT look at another woman while you are with her!). Listen to what she is saying and ask her questions. This not only acts as an icebreaker but it makes you seem like you are interested and a not self absorbed person.

5. Realize that this is the 21st century: 

If she asks you about your job, YOU HAVE TO ASK HER ABOUT HER JOB AS WELL. Do not go on about your job and career goals and then ask her if she likes to cook (or how good she is with children/ knows how to iron etc). This is the 21st century, she has worked just as hard as you (if not harder) to go through college and get a job. The last thing you want to do is come off as some backwards guy who thinks that a man’s job means more and that a woman’s place is in the kitchen.

6. Keep your hands to yourself:

 Occasional contact is OK – a hand to the small of the back or touching her elbow while in conversation is acceptable (and even liked). But touching in any other inappropriate area is a huge NO. No one likes octopus hands (ever!). If she wants more contact, she will let you know.

7. Be yourself: 

Do not pretend to be anything other than the person you are. Women can spot fake confidence in men from a mile away. Just relax and be yourself. There is nothing more appealing than a genuine guy.

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So do all 7 things on your first date and record a success!