7 things which men should do on a first date

header7 things which men should do on a first date

1. Do not text/interact on social media with him too much

Start with this because in today’s world of dating, the first date is hardly the first chance to make an impression. Once the two of you have decided to go on a date, you most likely have each other’s numbers and full names (at least I hope you do). So do not give in to the temptation of texting him everyday, messaging him on facebook or emailing him. I know you just want to get to know the guy but it might lead you to coming off as clingy (which is quite possibly the WORST label you can earn) or as someone who has no life. Even if that is the case, Play it cool ladies.

2. Do not admit to stalking him

While all of us google and facebook stalk the people we like (I know you do, so don’t even), do not come clean about it on your first date. No questions like ‘who’s that girl in your profile picture?”, ‘How come your relationship status isn’t listed on your page?”, ‘I googled you and found out that.” get the idea? Don’t do this. You may come off as creepy or a stalker and lets face it, no one wants that.

3. Dress appropriately

Find out where you are going, and dress according to the ambiance of your meeting place. That way you won’t be underdressed (making it seem like you didn’t care about coming to this date) or overdressed (making you look like you are trying too hard).

4. Do not talk about your, or his ex

Just no. Trust me, this never ends well.

5. Don’t reveal too many personal things

It is important to be honest and open about yourself, your family and your past. However talking about your troubled childhood, family scandals or what you talked about with your therapist (who you have been going to for ten years) might be too much for your first date.

6. Don’t talk about how badly you want to be in a relationship

I know we all yearn to find a partner that we can spend the rest of our lives with, someone to travel with and have picnics in the park with. But talking about just how much you want a boyfriend or husband, comes off as desperate and will just scare the guy off.

7. Don’t be too easy

I know its easy to get carried away when you both can’t stop flirting, and you really like him and the date is going just so perfectly. But don’t go home with him. You don’t want him to confuse you with a booty call. I know we all want relationships where we can be open and honest and comfortable with each other. Where the guy won’t freak out if you text him too much, and won’t care if you are not wearing makeup and will just want to hang out, watch movies and cuddle with you. But it takes time to get there. So take your time and go slow. Enjoy the butterflies in the meantime.