Why should I make the first move?

Why should I make the first move?
Whether it is on an online matrimonial website or when you are looking for a date, if you are interested in the person, you need to be proactive.You cannot wait for the person to approach you. What if they don’t? You might miss an opportunity to find love. Gone are the days, when you had to wait for a man to approach you, now you are considered a strong and confident woman if you take the first step and approach a man. And they quite like it. Here are some reasons why you should make the first move:
Chance to find love: Never give up on a chance to find true love. You might be an extrovert and the person you are attracted to might be an introvert and may not be comfortable making the first move.   If you make the first move, it is perfectly fine. You always have a chance to get together and take the relationship to the next level. Shadi Mataermonilas

Stay confident: People, who are confident, irrespective of whether they are a man or woman, are ready to make the first move. It shows that you want to get want you are looking for and can take the risk of getting rejected with ease.

Better communication skills: Those that have good communication skills are better at putting forward their wants and needs or explain their feelings better. Thus, it is good to go ahead and put forth your feelings to the person you are interested in.

If you think you can connect better to a woman or man, don’t shy away from an opportunity to make the first move. Chances are that he or she is equally interested by just hesitant to get to know you better. Thus, be proactive and it can be the start of a beautiful relationship. Why Should I Make The First Move