Top 5 things never to do in a relationship

 Top 5 things never to do in a relationship
Irrespective of your relationships status, the fact that you love somebody is enough to try everything to make your marriage or relationship work. But it takes time and effort and a commitment to be together. That is why here are 5 things never to do in relationship:
 Don’t nag and nitpick: Even though it might be the easiest way to get your point across, it is a relationship red flag and know that nobody likes a nag. You cannot change how an individual is and the more you nag, the more you’ll drive your partner away. It equalizes to being bossy and nobody likes being told all the time. So learn to give individual space and try to accept your partner as they are.
Career is not everything: You might be busy with your career but your personal life deserves some time off. You cannot let your office conversations drive the dinner time conversation. Being at work till late hours, canceling family time and outings and attending to your work emails at home, can be disrespectful and antagonizing to your spouse or partner. So switch off your office when you reach home.
Don’t talk, just listen: It isn’t important that all conversations have to revolve around you, your work and how unfair life is. Stop venting your displeasure’s and start thinking positive. Talk to your partner; just listen to what they have to say. Communication is one of the most important aspects of a good relationship and both need to talk and listen to each other.
Stop suspecting: Don’t be suspicious of his or her friends. She/he maybe friends with many people of the opposite sex but that are not an indication that they are flirting or having an affair behind your back. Be reasonable and open in your thinking. Try to mingle with his/her set of friends to know them better and learn to trust your partner.
Go with the flow: You maybe in a relationship for just a few months and might be expecting a marriage proposal since the first month. But hold it right there. Let the relationship mature. Go with the flow instead of hinting marriage on different occasions. Pressurizing him might lead to nowhere so have patience.