Tips on first 2 weeks of dating

Tips on first 2 weeks of dating

The excitement is high and most of the time; you cannot get her/him out of your head. That heady feeling that comes in the first few weeks of dating is irreplaceable. However, you need to make your moves with caution and here are tips on first 2 weeks of dating:
Don’t rush: You have a lot of time to slowly take the relationship to the next level. Don’t get too anxious and seem desperate or insecure.  It is important to know each other. Everyone is on their best behavior initially but when you are into a relationship or date for a longer period that you come to known an individual. His or her quirks, idiosyncrasies and lovable traits cannot surface in the initial days. And let him/her know about you too.UK Matrimony

Protect your feelings: You might feel that you met your Mr. or Ms. Right.  But does the other person feel the same? Give them time. You might want to protect your feelings and save yourself from heartbreak if the love and affection is not reciprocated. Don’t invest too much into the dating scene. Have fun and enjoy the company.

Speak more, text less: Voice modulations and tone can tell you a lot about the feelings and expressions which texts cannot. Thus, to know a person, talk with them. Don’t call them 10 times a day because that might seem like stalking but just let them know that he/she is on your mind.

Give space: For a potential relationship to flourish and grow, personal space is necessary. Being with you might not always be possible and everyone has a lot going on every day. So stay in touch, talk with each other but give and take space

Take it day by day: Let every day be a new day. See how things are moving. If you get the same amount of attention you know the relationship has a future but if the indifferent attitude sets in, it is time to say goodbye. Tips On First 2 Weeks Of Dating