Love and Relationship should not be passive

If you don’t put your 100% in a marriage or relationship, consider problems or issues to keep on cropping in your life. In extreme cases, a divorce or a break-up in the near future cannot be ruled out, especially if none of the partners take the initiative to put the relationship back on track. It is a fact that love and relationship should not be passive. Most people are excited and romantic when they start out as a couple but with time take the relationship for granted. These indications show as being uninterested, making half-hearted efforts in the family or just having a laid back attitude.Most relationships as a couple take a backseat as years pass and other responsibilities take over. School, kids, family commitments take forefront and romance seems a far-away dream.
Here are some ways of being active in love and your relationship:
Show action: Say “I love you”, don’t expect that your spouse already knows. Of course they do, but no harm reinforcing the feeling of love. Rekindle the spark. Take a vacation or just go on dinner dates again.Show appreciation: You work, but no harm showing appreciation for all that your spouse does. Not only dos that build respect and positive vibes, but it helps both of you stay connected.Work on better communication: Just assuming that your partner can read your mind is illogical and one of the reasons of most tiffs in a passive relationship. Say it out. It might take effort but say out your thoughts, feelings and expectations so that your spouse or partner understands you better.

It is best to stay active in your relationship and consider that love and relationship should not be passive.