Ideal Life Partner Wish List, Does It Really Work?

Ideal Life Partner Wish List, Does It Really Work?
Have you been looking for a perfect life partner? You might have an ideal partner wish list but does it really work? Well, in your mind, you might have wished for the ‘ideal mate’ but do you think it is possible to find someone like that? If you ask people who are settled into happy marriages whether they have the ‘ideal partner’ they always dream about? Well, the fact is NO. It is not humanly possible to be perfect, but even though it is good to have a standard or specific preferences you need to keep your heart open for finding the best partner or to fall in love, without prejudices. Life partner cannot be custom designed it is not made to order.In a past relationship, did you always compare your partner with the ideal life partner wish list and did it really work? The fact that you are still searching for a partner, means that deep down in your heart you know that it does not work. login
Don’t dwell on physical features only
It is natural to like a person you see based on physical features but you need to consider his/her habits, behavior, personality in conjunction with looks. You cannot measure them against your ‘ideal partner’ checklist just on how they look. Look at the personality of the person and see how your chemistry works.
Don’t miss opportunities
If you are only looking at your ideal partner checklist, you might be setting yourself for major disappointment already. You cannot have a yardstick for emotions, love and relationship as each one is different. Follow your instincts and listen to your gut feeling. Opposites attract and you might just have the best relationship with people who aren’t your type. If you meet someone that isn’t your perfect partner as per the checklist, doesn’t mean that he or she isn’t perfect for you. Give them a chance. You never know when you might find the person you might fall in love with. Accept them with their flaws, as you are not perfect either.Shaadi