How to start working out

working out
First of all, this is not a 30 day weight loss routine where I promise that you will lose 10 pounds in 5 days. This is a way for the average person to incorporate working out into their daily lives. So here are some baby steps that might help you reach some of your fitness goals.

Success does not happen overnight

Losing weight or getting fit (or whatever your goal may be) does not happen overnight. I know people say this all the time, but even I’m guilty of feeling discouraged when I don’t see the scales go down, after a week of working out (so impatient right?). So the first step is to LOWER your expectations and adopt a more practical estimate of how long it will actually take you to reach your goal.

Start Small

If you think you can’t find the time to work out, do small workouts at home that last about 15-30 mins. You might think that it won’t be enough to make a difference but it will! Getting into the habit of a daily workout routine, I think, works best if you start small. Committing to go to the gym for an hour, 4 times a week is a lot more daunting than doing a quick 15 min ab work out while you watch your favorite show! Even going for a walk after dinner can be helpful to get you started, and help develop this habit.

Use Technology

One of my most favorite training apps is C25K. It basically teaches couch potatoes to run a 5K! The program alternates between running and walking and lets you know when to do what, while you listen to your favorite tunes! Another one that I have currently been using every day is the 30 day plank challenge app. And as the name suggests it teaches you how to do a 300 sec plank in 30 days! There are also other apps such as the Nike training app that can help you do targeted workouts and they range in time from 15 minute workouts to 45 minute workouts. They also have cool weekly challenges that make things a bit more fun! You could also buy DVDs to help you work out at home. P90X is a personal favorite of mine.

Take classes

If you think working out at home is too boring or that you need someone to actually force you to work out, then a fitness class might be just the thing for you! I love classes that have amazing music so that I get pumped up and enjoy my workout. The Les Mills Grit classes are amazing and I always enjoy Zumba. I try to stick to 30 min classes because one hour classes are harder to commit to (but if you can do it, then more power to you!)
Be Consistent
Losing weight or getting fit takes time. If you aren’t consistent with working out, then it will take even longer for you to reach your goal. So figure out how many days a week you can work out and try your best to stick to it.
I hope this helps some of you with your fitness goals!