Your Personal Online Matrimonial Profile

Your personal online matrimonial  profile is up  and you have posted the best photos of yourself. Now on to the next step. Time to initiate contact with profiles of interest. I would suggest, you send them a message (through their profile on letting them know you are interested and would like to go to the next level of communication. Here are few guidelines that will help you initiate first communications in a great way to build a long lasting relationship.

First Impression
In online communications first impression depends on 3 main factors.

Your profile
Your photo 
Initial email messages


Whenever, you send a message to someone and if they like your email they will go immediately to read your profile. It is because of this your profile should be well written with a profile photograph.


When you write to someone special email make sure you have read their profile. It would be ideal, if you can send a polite message by letting them know that you have liked their profile and found certain things interesting. Take advantage of their profile if you have come across some of their interests, hobby or some recent accomplishment you can inquire about those. It will help you, build a common ground for your first conversation. Afterwards, if you get a positive response let them know when to expect your call at a time convenient to them.


First phone call
Most important let the person know when to expect your call so that they are not busy. Allowing them some time to go over your profile. It is always better than a cold call from a stranger. First conversations should not be daunting or nerve wracking but rather exciting and fun. Here are few tips you will find useful before calling someone special.


Being courteous and confident
Practicing good manners at all times is beneficial and cool. So, call them and be polite and sound confident without being overbearing. Imagine as if you are calling a good friend and smile. It is obvious, you are looking forward to the conversation, let them know and ask some questions from their profile.


Keep conversation light

You can start with simple questions about their interests. For example, if they have mentioned about road trips, movies or books. You can ask questions about any of the recent movies they have seen, books they have read or choice of cuisine. Show interest and enthusiasm, talk about your family, friends or any recent interesting events in your life. It does not mean you need to discuss every detail about your life with someone whom you still have not made up your mind to get settled for life.

Topics to avoid
You should avoid talking about negative or unhappy things or situations. No discussions, about your past relationships, religion or politics or hardships in life.


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