How To Save A Relationship

headerHow to Save a RelationshipCan I save the relationship before it’s too late? Can I save a relationship from a breakdown? How to save a relationship that is on the brink? Romantic relationships can be overwhelming and complicated. When two individuals live together, they express different thoughts, opinions and personalities leading to conflict.

Healthy couples put a lot of effort into making their relationship work and keeping their romance spark alive. However, minor disputes can often create insecurities, trust issues and unresolved problems. Here are a few steps that you can follow to save your relationship from a breakup.

Communicate Calmy

A peaceful communication where there is no taunting or shouting can go a long way. It can bring out the suppressed issues that were never discussed before. To fix a relationship before it’s too late, you need to initiate the conversation. Be open-minded, control your emotions and listen attentively to your partner. Having weekly meetings to talk about the problems that you as a couple are facing can resolve various issues.

Don’t Try to Change Your Partner

Yes, we should all work on ourselves to be the best version. However, this doesn’t mean that you should force your partner to change completely for you. To have a successful relationship, both partners need to be flexible. We human beings can’t be perfect, we have our flaws and it is important to accept all the good and bad traits of our soulmate.

Be The Best Version of Yourself

A good change happens when people work on themselves. Take care of your physical, emotional and mental health. Be the best version for yourself not for the people. Stop comparing yourself with other people. Focus on self-improvement and remove all the traits that you think are hindering your relationship.

Take Responsibility

Both parties should take responsibility for their action. This can prevent many of the future conflicts. Blaming someone else is easy but it can affect you and your relationship for a longer duration of time. Also, do not resort to self-hatred either because it will impact you psychologically. The best course of action that you can take is to accept your faults, apologise and have a fresh start.

Look Desirable

Many times people maintain themselves physically in their dating duration. However, they stop looking presentable once they are into a few years of relationship. Looking desirable and attractive for your partner fosters physical attraction and emotional connection. Taking care of our soul and body can instil positivity within you and also in relationships. Try to find new ways to look desirable not just for your spouse but also for yourself.

Go on a Date

Dating your partner and sharing new experiences can foster healthy emotions. Do the things that you two love together. Go to your favourite restaurant and places and make new memories. Never let your relationship get dull. Make an effort to create a spark.  Show each other affection and be transparent about your feelings.

Bottom Line

Making a healthy connection with your partner in a relationship is not easy but also not impossible. All you need is a bit of effort and a strong faith that you can come out of any adversaries as a team. Every relationship can be saved if both parties work on it. To read more about relationships and how to retain spark, read more blogs on