5 Signs You Want A Romantic Relationship


We are designed to crave a happy and healthy matrimonial shadi life. There is no relationship more treasured than a romantic relationship. A long-term happy relationship has its own dynamics that need to be understood as each individual is unique in every aspect of his/her life. Here are 5 signs you want a romantic relationship

Standardards and Boundaries

A lot of people compromise their own standards and boundaries in a relationship. Even though standards make you who you are as a person, they help you to defend yourself against toxicity and give you your own worth. For example, a person who never compromises on his/her boundaries will never stay in love with a person who is selfish or has other neurotic traits. The right one will always honour your boundaries.

Achieving goals together

It’s important to have a routine and follow it together to achieve life and love goals. A career is as important as a love life but there should be balance. Helping and cooperating with each other in their careers and understanding their perspective is essential. With life being so busy, spending time together, appreciating, and expressing your love is an important core value in every relationship.

Ready for compromises and cooperation

We love the idea of being in love; however, we forget that romantic relationships need work. Compromise and cooperation are the essential pillars of a happy romantic relationship. Many times we have to give up the things we love for our soulmates. It’s also important to make yourself a better person for your better half. These characteristics also lead to a happy marriage.

Putting thoughts into future

A lot of people go with the flow and do not put effort into making their future better. Such people accept whatever comes and do not work hard to solve the problems that life throws at them. With these habits, it’s unlikely that partners can have a healthy romantic relationship.

Such couples do not know their own need or what type of relationships they want or even if they want to stay in this together. Time changes and so does an individual’s thoughts, opinions and maturity level. It’s important to discuss with the partner, where they are at and where they want to be in the next coming years.USA Matrimony

Accountability and Responsibility

In every romantic relationship, accountability and responsibility are important principles. Without accountability, an individual might not acknowledge their faults that cause pain and suffering to the surroundings leading to gaslighting. Without responsibility, you can never encourage your better half to be vulnerable and honest with you. Having both of these characteristics can give birth to authenticity in a relationship. It enhances the love and strengthens the bond between the partners.


In a healthy relationship, everything matters including small things e.g changing our bad habits, being responsible and expressing love not verbally but also with our actions. Resolving arguments and fights are also important. It is also essential to have an independent open mind to accept other opinions. Pondering and instilling these thoughts in yourself means you are ready for a romantic relationship or matrimonial shadi life. To learn more about love and relationships, visit shaadi.com india