How to know life partner will be trustworthy


For any relationship new or existing it is important to have a trustworthy life partner.You might be in a new relationship and aren’t able to decipher the personality of your partner. You might be thinking that he or she is the right one, but still cannot trust as you believe that trust has to be earned.Being trustworthy is a good personality trait. Here are some tips on how to know if your life partner will be trustworthy:
Observe other people
He/she has a family and friends. Observe if your partner has long lasting friendships and good relationship with family. Do they have professional business relationships that are based on honesty and trust? This will tell you quite a lot about relationships that they have formed and the moral values they hold dear.Indian Single Matrimony
Observe him/her
You need to see how your potential life partner deals with others to get an idea about his/her personality. Is he/she respectful or likes to criticize others constantly? Does she/he gossip or judge others quickly?
Watch the actions
As actions speak more than mere words, don’t base your opinion on his/her words but watch the actions. Most people who are trustworthy will not brag about their honesty or trustworthiness, they will act as one. Don’t be fooled by compliments and flattery, but ensure that they act as they say.
Is there inconsistency?
Watch out for inconsistencies in what he/she tells you in case, you feel that they are not being completely honest with you. Most people that lie need to be remembering a lot of things to stick to a story so if you find any inconsistencies in what they told you, ask questions and probe further.
Listen to the answers
If you find him/her giving you a complicated story for a simple question or the body language/voice or facial expressions change, you can be sure that he/she is trying to ward off probing questions. But if you get straight nonchalant answers that make sense, you have a trustworthy partner for life. How to know life partner will be trustworthy