How to Know if a Man is Deeply Invested in You

You’ve started to date a new man you met on a marriage site for a few months now, and everything is going great: you go out on nice dates, you’re affectionate with each other, and you may have even told him you love him.

Is it love?

When relationships begin to get serious, it’s common to wonder where it’s going, and how he truly feels about you. You want to make sure you’re on the same page with how strongly you
feel about each other so you don’t end up getting hurt.


Being vulnerable in a relationship is tough, as you never want to get hurt. While men may not always wear their emotions on their sleeves, there are ways to tell whether your man is deeply invested in you by observing his actions and how he generally treats you.

Proud to be with me?

First, think about the people your man has introduced you to: have you met his friends? His parents? Maybe even his extended family? Meeting important people in your significant other’s life is a great sign that they’re dedicated to your relationship. By introducing you to close friends and family, he is undoubtedly letting them know you’ll be in his life for a while.

Another great sign is when you notice him making consistent plans with you. Beyond the weekly dinner date, if he is trying to see you during the day, or even foregoing time with his pals to see you, you can be confident you’re important to him.USA matrimony

On the topic of missing out on time with friends to see you, men who are dedicated to their woman will stick up for them. If his friends make negative comments towards you in the event
they’re unhappy with how much time he spends with you lately, whether or not your man sticks up for you will be telling of how dedicated he is as your boyfriend.

He better treat me like a princess

Finally, think about how your man treats you overall. Does he ask you questions to get to know you better, and remembers the things you like and don’t like? Does he value your opinions on more trivial subjects, and respect your boundaries and morals? As a whole, a man that is dedicated to you will take great measures to ensure he is always making you feel loved and cared for.

Deciphering how your man truly feels about you, especially at the beginning of a relationship, can be difficult. But, if he is doing any of these things, you can be confident your man is deeply
invested in you and your relationship. These are all signs of a wonderful relationship, and you can be excited for where it will lead in the future.

Let me see what my choices are first.

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