How to Handle Rejection


How to Handle Rejection

We meet new people every day. Not every contact with a potential perfect match can turn into the love of your life. But rejection still hurts and it feels the same for most people.  And everyone handles it in whatever manner suits them best. However, some methods of dealing with it are common amongst most people. Keep reading to find the top simple tips on how to handle rejection. Shaadi

Don’t look for problems within

Instead of asking yourself what might be wrong with you, look outward. You might want to ask your closest friends. Right after rejection, you will need a boost of validation. And who better to ask for compliments on your amazing personality and aura than your very own cheerleaders? And never assume what you know about the other person’s life is always true. It could be about timing, need, future plans, and all sorts of compatibility issues that have nothing to do with who you are as a person.

Blast some breakup songs

Certainly, the best breakup playlists will make you cry your heart out. Or if not, they will help you feel and experience the pain of rejection rather than ignore it. So, it’s best to reach the acceptance phase in order to reach the growth and glowing phase. In fact, you will find some inspirational and motivational songs that will help you get off your knees and aim high for someone who deserves you. login

Look for a new lover

No, I’m not talking about a rebound. The easiest way to get over rejection is to learn to realize that not everyone is going to like you for who you are and vice versa. So, rather than completely giving up on yourself and your search for a soulmate, look for one who sees the real you and falls in love. Not only will looking for a new lover keep you busy, but it might also just lead to something special.

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