Online Peronal Profile

Online personal profile is essential if one wants to find life partner with the help of matrimonial website.Although it might seem simple to write a short description and post your photograph when creating your matrimonial profile, the task can be daunting when you actually start doing it.

The main factor that you need to consider is that first impressions count. And as your online profile is a virtual representation of you, make sure you have a great profile. Thus, consider some of these great tips for creating your online matrimonial profile:

#1 Pick a good profile photograph:
Your profile picture is the first thing that is considered, so ensure that you post a recent photograph. Posting photographs of when you were younger and thinner wouldn’t work because when the potential partner meets you, it wouldn’t be an honest revelation. Additionally, don’t hide your face behind sunglasses or a small image of you walking on the beach. Group photographs are big no-no. Your face should be clearly visible. couple2
#2 Be honest and clear in profile description:
Don’t put unnecessary requirements of being extremely choosy in your requirements like “looking for fair, good looking bride who will obey me and looks after my family.” Be practical because after all you are looking for your soul-mate, someone who will be with you through life’s ups and downs. Your short description should clearly state your self-evaluated positive and negative aspects, your aspirations and the qualities you are looking for in your husband or wife.
#3 Write profile description in excellent English:
One of the common mistakes that people make is writing a grammatically poor profile summary. Ensure that you double check the spellings or write in a document and run spell check before posting it online.
#4 Don’t be vague:
Write clearly and to the point. Don’t say “I enjoy life” but write what you do that makes your life enjoyable. You may love travelling or collecting stamps or maybe have another hobby or interest. Put it all down as maybe your potential partner may share some of the interests or be drawn to your profile because of a well-written and accentuated profile. couple3
Sarah Shah(writer)