Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream

Everyone, I have an announcement! I have found the BEST night cream ever. After being on probably about a year long search for the perfect night cream, I have my answer: The Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream by REN.

Their website says that it is “A night cream formulated to hydrate, recharge and revitalise the skin overnight, leaving it looking radiant, smoothed and beautifully healthy.” And honestly, it does just that, if not more. I fell in love with it from the first time I put it on my face. My skin felt amazing the morning after. It was looking fresh, plump, it was so soft and I felt like it reduced the redness on my skin. And although there is no mention of it, after I incorporated this cream into my skincare routine, I noticed that I was getting much fewer spots. The cream uses vitamin C and citroflavonoids from calabrian oranges to reduce free radical damage and boost collagen formation to lift and plump the skin. The vitamin C also has skin brightening properties which is probably why my skin just glows the morning after. Also the most advertised ingredient, frankincense, is used to relax facial muscles and smooth lines and wrinkles. In short, this cream is a miracle worker. Especially now that the winter is here, it is extremely important to have a good night cream, to make sure your skin doesn’t dry up and crack off your face. The ONLY issue I have with this cream is the price. It is $55 for 1.7oz or 50ml. But in its defence, shame on you if you’d rather spend more money on a shirt or a bag, rather than for the well being of your face! It is pretty easy to find online, here sephora Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream Sweet dreams readers! oxoxoxoxoxox Nadiya Shadi team member

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