Divorce and facing your fears

Divorce and facing your fears
Divorce is the end of your married life and the future looks bleak and uncertain. You may question yourself a million times where you went wrong and many ifs, punctuate your sentences. But the fact is that it is not the end of life. There is life after divorce and facing your fears is the next step that you need to take. There may be many fears that you overcame and then decided on getting a divorce. When you are finally free and on the verge of starting a new life, with or without children (depending on individual circumstances), overcome your fears about:
1-Financial instability:
It is the root cause of most of the distress you may be facing. However, wealth does not equate happiness. When you have a job, you can think about rebuilding your life again. Focus on your happiness, health, family and job. Talk with your lawyer about settling the financial aspects of the marriage.
2-Frame of mind:
Though this isn’t the best time to be cheerful, but you ended an unhappy relationship and the future is bright. It is time to relax and rejuvenate, dump the negativity and learn to stay positive.
3-Future prospects:
Even though you just ended a bad marriage it certainly doesn’t signify that you cannot find true love again. Though there is no hurry. Take your time to introspect and catch up with all that you put a stop to during your marriage. Pick up old hobbies, live again and re-energize yourself.The gnawing pain, loss and distress will take time, but will heal soon. Use the marriage as a learning phase and put it to good use. Focus on the positivity and let go of all the negative emotions. When one door closes, there are many more to open.